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We can prove a history of erratic behaviour over and over.  Don't blindly believe us, go through the doc's. Do they validate our opinion, a reasonable person standard opinion, yes or no?   These police officers do not lie.  Clerks and executives at the League of MN Cities; no reason to lie. Lawyers are severely punished if they lie. Watershed's have no reason to lie to you. The videotape CANNOT lie. No one has an interest in lying EXCEPT...


9/13/18 letter
Retroactive permit application?

Tell us again how you had all your permits.. September 2017..

Why is the BCWD sending a permit application to Loren for his ditch?

WHO EXACTLY IS PAYING FOR THE DAMAGED CULVERT? $3,000-$5,000 - YOU the Grant taxpayer?

Keep Going, lots more...

2012 Police report

Why would anyone impersonate a Grant Councilman ?

I dont know, but more importantly for what reason would these ladies lie about people they'd never met before?

we've got the St. Paul City Attorneys letter with very interesting things about this investigation initiated by the LOMC, we'll post that later. Let the attempts to slither out AND DENY this one appear first..

Our poor City Clerk has had it HARD, real hard, both of them after her for years! Allegedly they wanted to hire a family member for the Clerks job.
You should bring the clerk chocolate, for the office of course :)

Wait a second this is dated 2012, the newspaper article describing the chaos in Mahtomedi is 2016, North St. Paul agitator, 9/2018 these guys have been doing this for years, why don't residents care?

Cease & Desist letter directed at Lanoux to stop misrepresenting .
page 1

Read on, don't stop yet dear reader...
Page 2 LOMC Cease & Desist letter

Who can this be blamed on? Huber and Carr were in the minority, MAJORITY HAD TO OK THIS LETTER! Cannot do ANYTHING without 3 votes.

Lanoux Application to MET COUNCIL, He owns lots of land on the gateway trail, nice spot for million $ house's.. Now who would benefit from City water and sewer( think lots of home lots) ..

Lanoux lied during the candidate forum when asked about applying to the Met Council days after being elected.  Paraphrasing "every newly elected Councilman gets an application"  No, they don't, not one we know ever has.  Just elected and the GOVERNOR who appoints all Met Councils  wants to give you a $80,000 yr job with Platinum benefits, sure he does, Dream on..
See the box: "Did the Appointing Authority suggest you submit your application" Checked "NO". 

Produce a letter from the Governors office stating they sent an application out to you asking you to apply and we will apologize in writing. 

NO FAKE LETTERS NOW!  Thats coming too...

Post real evidence on your site the grantregurgitator.icky

One of the reasons the Planning Commission ( featuring Lanoux & Sederstrom) was disbanded;  Throwing whatever you want on the agenda with no notice TO AFFECTED PARTIES is a GREAT way for the City to get SUED

Watch a Council Meeting, Lanoux and Sedstrom try it every month like clockwork.                                                             


Run away Larry, run away..You'd think Loren would wake up when Larry hides under his bed...

Larry is trespassing on the neighbors property gets caught and flees to Lorens house to hide behind Loren's skirt.  Loren whips out a 9mm pistol, points it at a man obviously desperate and frightened by multiple trespasses. 

Let us guess, Loren AND Larry's excuse..  THE POLICE ARE LYING AGAIN.    GOT IT..

Do we really need this level of dysfunction on our Council? 

If they'll do it to this guy THEY WILL do it to you if you disagree.

The Clerk has had a tough time.  She is part time, gets no health benefits of any kind and has to put up with garbage like this..

Lanoux and his gang are either personally attacking Councilman and their families ( Anatomy of a smear), bringing in outside agitators (Council meeting chaos) ( Anatomy of a smear) or trespassing on properties as Larry & Loren are apparently above the law (Abuse of power) or of course attacking staff. 

He did not apologize and it got very expensive!  Not the first time, Lanoux also accused former Councilman and the Clerk of financial malfeasance, that got expensive for taxpayers to prove him wrong!

But sure as the sun rises in the east:

Its the Mayors fault or the Staff or the Majority or new Council candidates
or lawyers or police or maybe its the weather. 

In other words, blame anybody or anything but Lanoux and Sederstrom.

Watch the meeting in question

(We have the article you tried to place in the City newsletter, keep in mind before trying to slither out of this..)

Ask a police officer what they would do Tuesday Nov. 6th  if a Grant resident.
They can't tell you, its policy, but fun to watch them shift from foot to foot and stammer.
The only time a tough as nails Sheriff Deputy looks even a little nervous..

We have about 20 of these tresspassing reports this is just the shortest one to post.
We have about another 115 letter from Lawyers, District Attorneys, Prosecutors, Judges, Depositions, School Board meeting minutes, defamatory stuff done to the Clerk, accusations against former Councilmen, Cease & Desist letters

You cannot imagine how dysfunctional they are and what a GREAT JOB City staff has done to deal with this for the last 8 years. 


Please be a Great Neighbor and go vote November 6th