Ridiculous Lawsuits,

  • Why is this a problem? Because everytime the City is sued, your being sued, after all its your money paying the costs or the insurance premium!
  • You pay the insurance premiums, the City must pay to defend these lawsuits, sometimes with insurance sometimes wthout insurance coverage.
  • Do you think our insurance carrier, League of Minnesota Cities is happy to be spending mutiple thousands on legal fees for garbage nuisance lawsuits?
  • Think maybe our insurance premiums might change?
  • Money spent on this stuff is less money for roads, public safety, maintenance, etc!

UPDATES 3/29/19

Washington County Judge Pietan has issued an order giving the entire award requested to the City of Grant against the haphazard and nonsensensical lawsuit filed by Lanoux and Sederstrom.  These two are now jointly and severally liable for $66,513.33 in legal costs.

The document archive tab will have the original documents detailing the suit being tossed almost in its entirety.  Judge Pietan's order for the $66,513.33.  Our Lawyers press release describing the award.  The two former Council clowns say they are appealing, read the Judges two page easily readable order and see what chance they have of prevailing zero, zip, nada... 

These costs are taken from you, the residents, in the form of destroying our budgets or in our insurance costs either way you have payed!  Congratulations residents of Grant you are being repaid for "frivoulous and malicious" lawsuits.  Direct quote from the Judge!


The latest, the new Councilmembers having not been sworn in yet are sued by Lanoux crony Bob Zick from his apartment building in North St. Paul.  The Office of Adminsitrative hearings took his complaint and completely dismissed it within three days.  I think the OAH is getting tired of being used to hurt people just because they win an election.  (screenshots coming soon)

Ohhh, so sad, Larry and Lorens latest lawsuit in Washington county has been dismissed with prejudice, you would think they would know better by now..  They even tried to withdraw from their own lawsuit on 12/31/18 yes, the holiday..  Wait until you read the correspondence between the lawyers, its a real classic.

Why?  Because the Judge called their lawsuit "frivolous and malicious" basically the gold standard to recover costs from them, court costs that have run over $33,000.00.  The League of Minnesota Cities has had enough and is coming for the money, after all you can only file so many ridiculous lawsuits before everyone says ENOUGH its simply harassment.

All of that is coming...


Simply Legal harassment.  Lanoux and Sederstrom combined have spent about $150,000.00 ( in addition to insurance coverage) of your tax dollars on defending their garbage lawsuits. 
We'll detail this with public documents of course.  (Document Archive) Tab

Sederstroms first effort was an open meeting violation case before he was on the council, he lost. Using of course one of his Maplewood agitator cronies as his quasi free lawyer..
Lanoux's first effort was a FEDERAL lawsuit thrown out of court with Prejudice, a rare ending for a lawsuit. He didn't bother to appeal, it was that bad.   Cost the City multiple thousands and it was just one of their abusive legal games, more details later.

The FEDERAL judges decision in that case was a real howler was quite embarassing for them. 
Here is a link to the Pioneer Press article on it. Copy and paste into a search bar.


An excerpt direct from Federal Judge Magnusons decision:  "Their failure to set forth even a single specific defamatory statement is fatal to their claim, and it is therefore dismissed with prejudice.”

Utterly failed to state ONE single claim to which the Federal Judge could even consider.

This lawsuit ran to hundreds and hundreds of pages, inch + thick.

Lanoux's deposition alone was 105 pages long !

Sorry, we know it cost the City thousands but that is a serious smackdown from a FEDERAL Judge: you don't see that every day!

But wait, theres more....

A quorum of planning commissioners, along with Huber, Carr and the city administrator are currently engaged in a lawsuit for open meeting violations.  The lawsuit brought by Councilmen Lanoux and Sederstrom. Didn't mention this was after a Planning Commission (PC) meeting not before

The suit alleges the planning commission colluded AFTER  the meeting was over doesn't even make sense, its just silly!

The suit alleges the City Council colluded to GIVE lanoux his CUP for his horse farm, you read it right colluded to GIVE him his permit!!  Wait what... They asked him a year before to "PLEASE" get his permit.

Why did Lanoux contradict himself in court filings? ( when we get them, you'll see them)    We hear the court may SANCTION Lanoux/Sederstrom and/or their attorney for this latest garbage suit, time will tell. The Judges decision will be published here so you can decide. 

The Judge during the hearing (October 5, 2018)  told Lanoux to sit down and stop interrupting.   

Yep, that's our Larry Lanoux alright..

Thanks for being a good neighbor